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White Rabbit Theatre Company

We are on a mission to provide theatre experiences to the local and global community by producing a full season of shows each year, as well as offering coaching workshops and LAMDA exam training in person and online.


The Shape of Things by Neil LaBute playing October 2023.


We offer theatre and film workshops as well as  LAMDA training.


We are not currently casting but welcome hearing from people interested in the future.

About Us

White Rabbit is an independent, English-speaking theatre company, dedicated to transparency and equality, with profit-sharing and an open-book policy at its core. Based in Zurich and Winterthur, Switzerland, the company has started “taking the show on the road” as it were, most recently traveling to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, in Scotland - the world’s biggest theatre festival.


In addition to producing several shows each season, White Rabbit is reaching further into the community - the global community - to offer a variety of practical and theory-based workshops to coach, energize and connect performers and writers both in person and online.

Our Latest Updates

Support Us

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Working in the performing arts is always difficult, especially for a small, independent theatre company. We receive no outside funding and in order to keep bringing theatre to the community, we need help from friends like you. 


With your monthly donation, we can keep doing what we do, and you can get access to exclusive rewards including insider newsletters, free drinks at shows, premium tickets, personal shoutouts and more! 


Become a patron and young the White Rabbit family!

Show your love on GoFundMe!

So far, all expenses have been paid out of pocket, but this is not sustainable in the long run. 

That's where you come in!

Any and all donations are much appreciated to get this little theatre company going. With your one-time donation, you can help us show that there is still a place in the world for small, independent theatre, and that transparency and an open-book policy can and will work!

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