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White Rabbit Theatre Company was founded in the summer of 2018, and produced its first play only a few months later in October of the same year. The company was born out of a lack of English-speaking theatre opportunities in Zurich and Winterthur, Switzerland and now, three seasons later, we have begun our first workshops for the very same reason. Though Zurich and Winterthur both offer many English-speaking training programs, short courses, and summer camps for children interested in theatre, the options for adults are extremely limited. This didn’t sit quite right with us so we decided to start to build a collection of courses for adults of various skill levels, from “not an actor, just looking for something fun”, to beginner, to trained actor looking to keep their skills sharp. We offer both practical and theoretical courses in the areas of Acting, Writing, and Musical Theatre. If you are interested in our LAMDA exam program, you will find it under Acting on our Workshop page. 


Courtney Beamish

Courtney Beamish has been a performer since a young age, attending two dance schools as a child before moving on to a BA in Theatre, and then teacher’s college. Throughout her adult life, she has always been both a practitioner of theatre as well as an educator. After obtaining her MSc in Psychology, she blends higher academics with her theatre practice. Courtney brings her specialist psychological area of Personality and Individual Differences to the table, both when she approaches a character or play as an actor and director, and also when designing White Rabbit’s workshops. The Character Development workshops especially, which are aimed at both actors and writers, were specifically designed with the intention of breaking down and building up psychologically well-rounded characters for the page and the stage.


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