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Three historical heavyweights walk into a room and ...


Thomas Jefferson, (yes, the Founding Father), Charles Dickens (yes, the Victorian novelist) and Count Leo Tolstoy (yes, the Russian revolutionary) find themselves locked in a room with no exit. Attempting to discern why they are in this room together, they ransack the philosophies of their lives and work, searching for a truth; why us?  And why, in God's name, together?!

"Discord" wades through life's most primal, perplexing concepts (morality, mortality, etymology) from the prism of these great, but decisively human, thinkers. Throughout their lives, Tolstoy, Jefferson, and Dickens made decisions that directly contradicted with the morals they propagated. On top of their individual achievements, they succumbed to infidelity, remained materialistic, and acted selfishly.


The brisk and poignant theological romp of these men desperate to leave this "cosmic foyer", yields a blistering battle of wits in a whip-smart comedy. Inevitably, their celestial escape room spawns many probing inquiries: Where do we go when we die? And where the hell are we now? 

At once uproarious, raw and painfully honest, "Discord" unveils the many virtues and vices of these towering icons and discovers a universal truth: no human is human without flaws.