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The Run

Prior to going to Edinburgh, we are planning to have two (2) readings of the play here in Zurich. Once in Edinburgh, the play will be performed ten (10) times in the afternoon slot during the 2019 Fringe Festival, over a two week period. The afternoon slot was chosen to avoid competing with bigger evening productions, to maximize exposure to target audiences, and for cost benefit (afternoon slots are cheaper than in the evening). 


The show will be rehearsed in July, over two weeks, from 10am-6pm, Monday-Saturday, with an additional on-site rehearsal before opening in August. There will also be 1-2 short rehearsals before the scheduled readings earlier in the year. 


Below is a rough summary of the items for which we are raising money, to get us to Fringe. We are working on a variety of methods for acquiring these funds, including using the small profit from our last show, crowd-funding, seeking sponsors/angels, and fundraising events. If you are interested in helping to support us in any way, please visit our GoFundMe page, or send me an email at courtney@whiterabbittheatre.org



Fringe Registration




Venue Hire

Tech Hire

Play Rights

Housing (for 14 days)