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7 On - 1 Off - 7On

And here we go. Last week, due to people still finishing up work etc. our rehearsals were intermittent, but starting Sunday, we have truly begun. Sunday, we rehearsed 11am-6pm. We have rehearsals for the next 7 days, then 1 day off, followed by 7 more days, at which point we will start getting ready to leave. 

I don't think I can adequately say how grateful we are to have the rehearsal space we have. Melissa Tranchet, owner of The Practice Room in Winterthur, has been gracious enough to lend us the use of her rehearsal space for free every day for the next several weeks. 

And yesterday, we started trying on some costumes, thanks to Dress Circle Costumiers in Essex (UK), who are lending us some pieces for the next several months. I will try and get some pictures out as we begin to rehearse in full costume soon!

Here we go!


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