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  • Courtney

No More Cabin Fever!

Everyone's playing in the garden. Except Mona. Mona has Corona. 

This little poem was passed on to me yesterday. Someone having a little fun with rhythm to try and make these uncertain times a little less cloudy. 

Are you like Mona? Stuck inside because of quarantine, or being responsible with your social distancing (good job, you) or because of national lockdown? Are you bored already? Well guess what! Online drama workshops!!

(look how excited Ciaran and Christina are!!)

We were so excited to offer our theatre workshops in Zurich starting at the beginning of May and now it looks like that might not happen (though registration is still open, if you want to sign up. 100% refund if workshops get canceled). It has was disappointing for a bit but then we thought, actually, if everyone is stuck inside, why not offer workshops remotely!

So, that's what we're doing. Each session will be an hour long and there is no obligation to attend the entire five sessions. It's a buffet. You can choose what you want, mix and match, whatever! Also, because we're also working from home now, our hours are SUPER flexible (even if you live in a different time zone). 

And we recognize that financially, things may be up in the air for some people right now (same with us) so the workshops will be pay-what-you-can. If you can afford 25 CHF for an hour, great! If you can't afford anything but still want to participate, also great! 

A short description of each of the sessions can be found here. Please note that all the sessions will be delivered in English and the Scene Study workshops will require some English reading. 

If you're interested or want to know more, it's super easy. Just click here and fill out your name and email address. Putting in your information does not commit you to a participation and it does not subscribe you to the website. We will not keep your contact details beyond getting in touch this one time. 

So beat the cabin fever and spend an hour (or more!) stretching the creative side of your brain!


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