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Michelle Kholos Brooks

Hitlers' Tasters

We finish our 2020 season with the new American play Hitler’s Tasters, by Michelle Kholos Brooks. The play is inspired by the real life stories of the young women who were conscripted during WWII as taste testers. The girls leave home for “work” every morning, spend all day in a single room together, before heading home again at night (if they’re lucky). This dark comedy, set in the “eating room” follows four girls as they discuss politics, boys, movie stars and what it might feel like to be poisoned.


Hitler’s Tasters is the seventh play for American playwright Michelle Kholos Brooks, winning the Susan Glaspell Award and being named Best of Fringe 2019. Kholos Brooks continues to tour with Hitler’s Tasters across the United States.

UPDATE: After such a long COVID wait, the production is finally up and running again October 12-15, 2022. 


Date And Time

October 12 – 14 / 19:30
October 15 / 17:00


Theater am Gleis
Untere Vogelsangsstrasse 3
8400 Winterthur


The Team

Behind The Scenes

Courtney Beamish -  Producer/Co-Director

Meg Adams - Co-Director/Stage Manager


Amy Amstutz - Liesel

Joëlle Stocker - Hilda

Olga Botsi - Anna

Courtney Beamish - Margot

Audition Call

We are not currently holding auditions, but feel free to get in touch. 

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