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Harold Pinter

One for the Road; Ashes to Ashes

White Rabbit returns for a second consecutive year to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, the largest theatre festival in the world. This year, we will bring two pieces, performed on alternating days.

In Ashes to Ashes, Rebecca reveals her haunting past to Devlin in dreamlike snapshots of horror and atrocity. What bond holds these two together is stretched to breaking point as the truth is painfully revealed psychologically, emotionally and physically.


Perhaps Pinter’s most political theatrical statement, One for the Road, rings terrifyingly true as we enter our new decade. A room. A family. An office. A government in total control. Pinter creates a tense and disturbing vision of a world we have known and could know again.


Date And Time

August 7 – 15 / 18:45

August 17 – 22 / 18:45


Theater am Gleis
Untere Vogelsangsstrasse 3
8400 Winterthur


The Team

Behind The Scenes

Courtney Beamish - Producer

Anita Gander - Director / Stage Manager

Christina Whiting - Assistant Stage Manager


Courtney Beamish - Gila / Rebecca

Ciaran Corsar - Nicolas

Tomi Gustaf - Victor / Devlin

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