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In addition to producing several shows each season, White Rabbit is reaching further into the community - the global community - to offer a variety of practical and theory-based workshops to coach, energize and connect performers and writers both in person and online. If you are interested in our LAMDA exams, you will find all the information under our Acting Section. 

What We Offer

Workshops: Acting


We are pleased to be bringing back our most popular workshops for yet another season. This season we are happy to present a 6-week acting / scene study workshop, as well as a three-day intensive workshop on acting for camera. 

Is there something your interested in but don't see a workshop for? Please feel free to use our contact page and get in touch. We're always thrilled to hear from actors who are looking to develop their skills. 

  • Wed, Mar 13
    Kirchgemeindehaus Neumünster (KGH)
    An introduction to script analysis, scene study and acting practice.
  • Tue, Mar 05
    Kirchgemeindehaus Neumünster (KGH)
    Build your skills and confidence in Shakespeare's language, physicality for the Shakespearean stage, common audition monologues and more!
  • 3-day intensive workshop with filmmaker Seamus McNally.
  • 2-day intensive workshop (level 1) with acting coach Eric Reis.
Image by Kyle Head

London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts Exams 

"Our Acting Exam learners develop their vocal, physical and interpretive skills while they delve into characters and explore the background of dramatic texts. Alongside producing authentic performances of their chosen scenes, they also gain an understanding of the context and characters within them. 

Working through the grades takes our learners through the development of clear speaking and character portrayal to an understanding of a playwright’s style, the influence of theatre practitioners such as Stanislavski and a sensitive appreciation of subtext." - LAMDA

Workshops: Writing
  • Sat, Feb 03
    Zoom Sessions
    Register your interest and find out more about the program.
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Musical Theatre

Musical Theatre is a big genre and it's hard to cover it all, but we've been building up our MT repertoire of workshops with a history of Broadway, Audition Tips and Tricks and Finding Your Place in the Musical Theatre World. 

This season we're focusing on building an ensemble while developing a unique, individual character. 

Workshops: Musical Theatre
  • Thu, Mar 14
    Kirchgemeindehaus Neumünster (KGH)
    Work through songs together, breaking down the role of songs in musicals and identifying strategies to make a performance dynamic and successful.


Educational Workshops

We are pleased to be offering a variety of education-based workshop packages for students K-12. We offer student workshops in all over the above areas, and are also happy to work with schools/teachers to tailor workshops to your individual needs. 

More Information

If you are interested in bringing White Rabbit to your school and would like to learn more, please don't hesitate to get in contact. 

Connect With Us

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