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  • Courtney

A Call for Directors

Another end and another beginning. Today marks two weeks since Discord finally closed on October 12 in Winterthur. After 15 months of work, 18 shows and a trip to Scotland, it's finally done. It was a good (albeit very stressful) experience but after spending so long on one singular project, I'm ready to move on. But before I do, here are some last photos from our October run in Winterthur: 

To see more photos from October, as well as from our entire year working on this project, you can check out our Gallery. And of course Discord will appear in the Archives, alongside Earnest very soon. 

And now, on to the next thing! By the end of December (if not sooner) I hope to be announcing the White Rabbit 2020 season. We are hoping to do three productions this coming year, one in the spring, one in the late summer, and one in the fall. 

If you are an actor (or know any actors), watch this space, because I hope to be putting out a casting call in the next few weeks. However, if you are a director, I need you now! The plays for late summer and fall have both been selected but they need directors. The play for the spring has not been selected, so I am looking for both a director and a play (though I have a few in mind). 

If you are a director and would like to be involved in one of these projects, or would like to find out more, (or if you know someone who might be interested) give me a shout and we can have a chat!


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