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Become a Patreon Today and Get Great Rewards!

Have you always wanted to feel like you're part of a theatre company, but you can't be bothered with the whole nervous-auditions-learning-lines-performing-in-front-of-large-audiences thing? Well guess what! White Rabbit has found a solution for you. Now you can be part of the team from the comfort of your own home. 

White Rabbit Theatre Company is happy to announce we are partnering with Patreon to provide you with opportunities to be permanent members of the WRTC community. You can check out the Patreon website for more details about how it works, but in a nutshell, you sign up for one of the following tiers:

Official Patrons ($10/month)

WR Friends ($25/month)

WR Supporters ($35/month)

WR Backers ($50/month)

WR Angels ($75/month)

WR Rabbits ($100/month)

And you will receive some amazing benefits like free drinks, exclusive seating, and even dinner with the cast! You can check out all the benefits for each tier on our Patreon page. (Some of the tiers have limited space, so act fast). You will also receive a monthly newsletter with photos and interviews of the cast and crew. You'll get this newsletter even when we're not in production time, which means exclusive news of what's coming up, before it's been announced!

We are also happy to say that, in addition, we are offering five (5) contract positions as Share Holders. The company is selling five (5) shares for 125 chf each for the production duration of The Rule of Three (ending February 15, 2020). As a Share Holder, you will enter into a contract with WR, buying your share for 125 chf, with the agreement that after the show closes in February, you will receive your 125 chf back, PLUS 1% of any profit made. There are only five (5) shares being sold for this production, so if you would like one, or would like more information, please email Once the shares are gone, they're gone, and you'll have to wait until next time. 

And finally, if you would like to help out, but neither of the two above opportunities work for you, no problem! We still have our GoFundMecampaign and every little bit helps!!

Happy Holidays and we'll see you in the next decade!


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