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  • Courtney

It's the Final Countdown

Would you believe that I was so busy this past week that not only do I not have any videos to share, but I don't have any photos either! We're now getting to that hectic point, with only a few weeks left, when you start to think, is this actually going to work? 

But it will in the end, it always does. 

We've now welcomed Karen onboard, to help with props and it seems like 90% of our props and set pieces have been collected, which is good news. Costumes are coming together and production meetings are in hand between director, stage manager, lighting and sound technicians. 

All those little bits. Now I need to finish learning my lines, remembering my blocking, putting together the program, distributing the rest of the flyers, getting the rest of my costume and making sure everyone has access to the proper make up. Just that. Not much, right? Oh, and taking some photos to post next week. 

It really is the final countdown now (and good luck getting that song out of your head). 


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