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We've made it. After so much work and talk, we are finally here, and I can't quite believe it. Of course, the work isn't over yet, but it's all very real now. 

Tomi and I arrived in Edinburgh yesterday afternoon, followed by Ciaran, twenty minutes later, on a flight from London, where he had been attending a wedding. With so much luggage between us (imagine what you would pack for a 3-week trip, and then add on two laptops, a large camera, 1000 flyers, 25 posters, two full costumes, heavy Russian (Finnish) boots etc) so we decided to take a cab. And given the amount of hills in Scotland, it was a wise choice. 

Our flat is very nice, with a separate room for each of us and walking distance to our venue. 

This morning (early afternoon, I guess, it was 12:30) we went to see our first show, Dickens for Dinner, which was a hilariously abridged version of Oliver Twist, and included a bowl of soup and piece of bread for each audience member (very fitting). 

Luke landed in Edinburgh as we were eating lunch, and in the evening we managed another show - Tomi and I to improvised musical theatre, and Ciaran and Luke to a one-man show - before welcome drinks at our venue (Greenside). 

Now, whether you believe in coincidences or not (I don't), it was pretty amazing that whilst we were sitting in the Greenside bar, we got chatting to the woman sitting beside us (named Michelle). She is a playwright and her play (Hitler's Tasters) was being produced here too. We chatted about our shows, as you do, when she said, "Hang on, this sounds familiar. This is Scott's play." To which I responded, "Yes, Scott Carter. He's the playwright." Turns out, she knows him! She was apparently talking to him just a few weeks ago and saw the show when he originally wrote it, in LA. There are 3000+ shows at the Fringe this year, and 150+ at Greenside. What are the odds?

But, now it's time for bed, because tomorrow is our technical rehearsal; our first time in the theatre and our very, very last rehearsal. Then it really begins. 

Oh, and also, we've been so busy that I forgot to say I've posted some pictures from our rehearsals at The Practice Room in Winterthur. You can see them on our Photos page. :)


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