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  • Courtney

Panic Stations!!

Only two weeks left! This is not a drill!!

How on Earth did we get here? I can't wait for everything to be over and done, but at the same time, I feel like we're not ready (at least, I'm not ready). 

Over the past week, we had one of our main men taken out by what appears to be the flu, but hopefully he will be back in fighting form very soon. We have also got pretty much all of our tech/backstage crew sorted out. We've found most of our props and set pieces (it's now a matter of storage and transportation). I also took delivery of some make-up this week, so we can all look our best :)

 I have no video this week, but two sets of photos instead. First, some shots from our normal rehearsals (thank you Sebastian and Joelle, for these). 

 And second, we also gathered at another apartment, this time to sit around and run through the lines of the entire play, without our scripts (mostly). 

Oh! And an advertisement went out in the American International Club of Zurich newsletter this week, so hurray for advertising!  


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