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  • Courtney

Preview Weekend Over - Bring On Opening Night!

It's Monday morning. We have made it through our weekend of previews. There were a few bumps, of course, but hopefully nothing the audience noticed. And now, we are all ready for Opening Night (well, Opening Afternoon, because our show is at 2).

We've had some really good feedback so far - both for the show and for the company - so here's hoping that continues. 

I need to say a huge thank you to Christina, who a) came from Switzerland to Edinburgh to see us, b) bought a ticket to see the show every night she's here and c) has been helping us with flyering. We very much appreciate having her here. And speaking of which, you should see Christina flyer. She probably gave away more flyers than the rest of us combined. It was incredible. 

I would also like to say thank you to Rob, for his great ideas about the t-shirt design and layout. They are certainly doing their job and attracting lots of attention!

So, here's to a good first week of shows for not only us but everyone at the Fringe! Below, are a few shots from the weekend. You can find even more photos here. 


Having a run-in with other people flyering.

The team.

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