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Some Fun Incentives

First off, thank you so much to those who have donated their hard-earned money so far, to help us get to Fringe. And a big thank you also to those who have graciously offered their time, to help us with the first rehearsed reading of Discord on January 25 (there are still tickets available, by the way)*. All forms of help are deeply appreciated. 

Our fundraising campaign has started in earnest now, and this time around we've created some fun incentives to help us get off the ground (and all the way to Scotland)! Take a look below, and if something strikes your fancy, you can donate at our GoFundMe page here, or through our donation page here, or by emailing me directly at

PS. If you have any business-y friends (or if you are one yourself!!) whose business might like to sponsor us, we can send you details of our business incentives as well!!

*Tickets are still available and can be reserved by emailing The show starts at 19:30 and tickets are 15 CHF, which includes a glass of wine. 

"Friends" - 0-100 CHF donation - (A) Your name will be mentioned on the GoFundMe and White Rabbit websites. 

"Supporters" - 101-250 CHF donation - (B) As above (A), plus your name will appear in our performance programme. 

"Patrons" - 251-500 CHF donation - (C) As above (B), plus two (2) free tickets to the Rehearsed Reading of Discord in January or April 2019 (April date pending). 

"Backers" - 501-2500 CHF donation - (D) Your name will appear on the websites (A) and in the programme (B), plus two (2) free tickets to either the August performance in Edinburgh or the October performance in Switzerland (October date pending). 

"Producers" - 2501-5000 CHF donation - (E) As above (D), plus you will be listed as a "producer" of the show. 

"Angels of the Arts" - 5001+ CHF donation - (F) As above (A, B), plus you will be listed as a producer and White Rabbit will provide you with a free trip to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2019 including airfare for two (2), two (2) nights at a hotel, free tickets to the show and an insider's guide to other performances at the Festival. 


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