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White Rabbit 2020 Season Announced!

I have two very big announcements!

The first is our 2020 Season has finally been released. We will be presenting shows in February and October. 

February 12-15, 2020 we will be showing Agatha Christie's The Rule of Three in Winterthur. 

The Rule of Three is a collection of three short mystery thrillers. The first, Afternoon by the Seaside is a light-hearted mystery about a missing necklace. The second, The Rats, is a dark thriller about a couple, lured to a house and then trapped like rats. And the third, The Patient, is about a woman who survived a fall from a balcony (or was she pushed?). She cannot speak, but only she knows what really happened. 

Then, October 14-17 we will be presenting a new American work by playwright Michelle Kholos Brooks called Hitler's Tasters. This production is a Swiss premiere and will also play in Winterthur. 

Hitler's Tasters is a dark comedy based on the true story of the young women who were conscripted during WWII to taste all Hitler's food for poison. Against a backdrop of war, they talk about boys, fashion and celebrity, whilst waiting to die ...

Both shows will play at the Theater am Gleis and tickets are on sale now!

For The Rule of Three you can get tickets here for 25chf (General Admission). 

For Hitler's Tasters you can get tickets here for 25chf (General Admission). 

OR from now until January 31, you can take advantage of our early bird prices and get a ticket which is valid for both performances (February and October) for 40chf, saving you 10chf! Not sure what your plans are in October yet? No problem! The tickets have no date and are valid for any one (1) performance in February and any one (1) performance in October*.You can get your tickets here. 

Our second announcement is the cast of The Rule of Three. We have started production and rehearsals are underway. Thank you to everyone who came out to audition. The cast is as follows: 

Afternoon by the Seaside

Marianne Alewine    …    Mrs. Gunner

Katya Ankudinov    …    Noreen Somers

Roni Aus der Au    …    Bob Wheeler

Jessica Blanchard    …    The Beauty

Jim Carson    …    George Crum

Angela David    …    Mrs. Crum

Tomi Gustaf    …    Arthur Somers

Stefan Kahn    …    Percy Gunner

Lira Low    …    Beach Attendant

Anton Zherzdev    …    Inspector Foley

The Rats

Katya Ankudinov    …    Jennifer Brice

Roni Aus der Au    …    David Forrester

Tomi Gustaf    …    Alec Hanbury

Lira Low    …    Sandra Grey

The Patient

Marianne Alewine    …    Nurse Bond

Katya Ankudinov    …    The Patient

Roni Aus der Au    …    Lansen

Jessica Blanchard    …    Brenda Jackson

Jim Carson    …    Dr. Ginsberg

Angela David    …    Emmeline Ross

Tomi Gustaf    …    Inspector Cray

Stefan Kahn    …    William Ross

Anton Zherzdev    …    Bryan Wingfield

Stay tuned for more as the season really gets underway!!

*Tickets are non-refundable.


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