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Workshop Update

Hi everyone,

Just a quick update on how things are progressing in case you're still interested in signing up for one of our spring workshops but you haven't yet (why not???).

Musical Theatre Ensemble and Acting Scene Study Workshops

Though these two workshops are not yet completely filled, there are only a few weeks left to secure your spot. You can find out more about the workshops and how to register here.

Acting for Film Intensive with Seamus McNally

All the Active Participant spots are sold out, however we do have a waiting list available on the website. Also, we have some spots left for the Observer positions.

It's important to note that the role of the Observer is not just to silently sit and watch, like a typical "audience". In the words of Seamus himself, "The role observers play in this workshop is not that of a passive onlooker. It's an inclusive and engaging learning experience where we are all in a collective exchange of ideas together for all three days. Observing is also, of course, an effective preparation for being an active participant in future workshops. It's an excellent opportunity, highly recommended for directors and writers as well."

If you choose to put your name on the waiting list for Active Participant and also register as an Observer, should a place become available, your Observer fee will be credited towards the Active Participant fee.

Find out more and register here.


We have one spot (out of five) still remaining for the LAMDA exams. Although our deadline for registration has passed, due to continued inquiries, we will leave this final spot open for one more week, before it is permanently closed on Feb. 11. Find out more information and register here.

We would like to say a huge thank you to everyone. The immediate and positive response to our announcement of the 2023 season has been overwhelming. Our workshops and LAMDA exams have never filled up so quickly (most spots were gone within the first 3 days) and that kind of support gives us confidence to offer more of these types of experiences in the future!


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