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  • Courtney

Workshops Are Here!

It's March, can you believe it?! Time is really flying. And speaking of time, it's time for us to announce the release of two mini taster workshops. 

We will be offering a Scene Study workshop on Mondays or Fridays and a Character Development workshop on Wednesdays or Fridays. These mini taster workshops will run for 5 weeks and will act as an introduction into future, more intensive, workshops to come. 

In the Scene Study workshop we will be looking at:

- plot structure

- script analysis

- character objectives/tactics 

- listening and responding 

- communication through body and voice

In the Character Development workshop we will be looking at:

- personality traits and how they can be physicalized

- verbal and non-verbal communication of character relationships

- character behaviour in and response to various scenarios

- development of pre-written characters 

- character development from scratch 

All workshops will run for 1.5 hours, and as they are mini taster workshops, will be offered at a discounted price. 

Space is limited so if you're interested, head over to our sister site here to find out more and/or sign up!! 

We look forward to seeing you guys out there and also a huge shout-out to those who completed the workshop survey. Your insights were invaluable. :)


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