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Film Workshop Open

Good morning!

First off, thank you so much to those who came out to see The Shape of Things. The response from the audience was excellent and we're very happy with how things went. Now, as we tie up the loose ends to that show, it's all about putting the final pieces in place for our exciting 2024 season.

And with that in mind, places for our second Level 1 Acting for Camera workshop with Eric Reis are now open! Space is limited and sign ups will close Dec. 15 (or when spaces are filled). For more information you can check out our info flyer or go over to the workshops page.

Also, there are still a few days left to sign up for the LAMDA fall sessions, which start Nov. 1. To those who have already signed up or expressed interest, we will get back to you on fixing dates this week (sorry for the delay, the show took up all the brain space!). For more information about LAMDA and to register your (non-binding) interest, head over to the workshops page or email us at

Finally, if you are a director and you are interested in directing for White Rabbit in 2024 (either with a play you already know you'd like to do or without one) let us know! We're hoping to fully announce our 2024 season by the end of November! You can contact us at

Have a nice day!


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