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  • Courtney

October Production - Hitler's Tasters - Update

Hello everyone! I hope you're all staying safe and indoors as much as possible - and socially distancing when outside :)

I haven't written in a while because ... well ... there's not much to write about. Now, we have some bad news and some good news to announce.

The bad news is, our production of Hitler's Tasters, which was scheduled for October 2020, has been postponed. We decided that the future is just too unpredictable at the moment. Researchers are saying that a possible second wave could begin as early as mid August, and it's a risk we just aren't ready to take, for the safety of both our company members as well as our audience.

However, the good news is the show hasn't been canceled outright! We have been working with the Theater am Gleis to reorganize things and I am happy to say the show has been reset for mid-February 2021 (10-13th). Of course, depending on how the fall goes, it may be necessary to move again, but fingers crossed February 2021 is where it will stay!

As ever, stay safe and sane, and hopefully we can all be together again soon!!


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