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  • Courtney

Thank You!

Some thank you's are in order.

First, thank you to the directors who got in contact about our October 2023 production of The Shape of Things by Neil LaBute. We are very much looking forward to reading your proposals in the coming weeks.

Second, thank you to everyone who participated in our Acting and Musical Theatre workshops. They were a great success, and from what I saw and heard, everyone had a really good time.

You may have already seen on our Instagram, but one or both of these workshops could be coming back in the summer, due to popular demand, so stay tuned.

And finally, we would like to pass on the below flyer for Zurich English-Speaking Theatre's June 2023 production of Steel Magnolias. The director and cast are fantastic and the crew isn't too shabby either (including yours truly, helping to run the sound board) so if you're around, definitely go see the show!


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