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  • Courtney

The "C" Word

Not that "c" word.

No, not that "c" word either!

Look, we're not going to say the "c" word, we're going to say "postponed indefinitely". Yes, we're avoiding that "c" word.

But seriously, unfortunately, I don't come bearing good news. Despite the optimism of the last post, the inevitable has come to pass. We have decided to postpone Hitler's Tasters again, and this time without a new production date. We still feel sure that the show will go on, but need to accept that we're not sure when, and at what point is pushing the dates back and back doing more harm than good.

Again, we want to thank everyone who has supported us over the last 6 months, and our audience for staying

with us and staying engaged, and definitely to the Theater am Gleis for their continued support and understanding as they, too, struggle with the ongoing situation.

It's not all bad news, though. We have decided to revive our online workshops, which were so successful last spring and we will be back posting soon about what's on offer.

So, thank you again for all your support. Hitler's Tasters is in hibernation, ready to wake up again as soon as possible, and more exciting workshops are on the way!


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