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  • Courtney

Tickets and More Tickets!

Hello everyone!

We've got a couple things to share this evening. First, we are in full swing with rehearsals for The Shape of Things and have Act 1 pretty much done so things are really moving and we're very excited to soon get it on stage for you guys. Early Bird tickets are only on sale for about another week or so, so make sure you pick those up before they swap over to the normal price. You can go to or you can use this helpful link.

The second thing we're here to share is that we're very happy to announce that NYC acting coach Eric Reis will be coming back in January 2024 to run another Level 1 Acting for Film workshop, so if you missed out in the summer, now is your chance to catch up. The workshop will run Jan. 6-7 and space is limited. Places will be up for grabs as of Oct. 23, so watch this space.

And finally, Zurich English Speaking Theatre (ZEST) have two shows coming up, Butterflies Are Free, a rehearsed reading in October and their MainStage production of The Lieutenant of Inishmore in November, so definitely check those out.

Have a nice night!


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