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All White Rabbit auditions are open-call and everyone who is interested is encouraged to audition. On this page you will find all the information you will need for the auditions as well as a description of the audition process. Along the way, should you have any questions, please feel free to get in contact at any time.

About The Auditions

About The Play

Hitler’s Tasters, by Michelle Kholos Brooks. The play is inspired by the real life stories of the young women who were conscripted during WWII as taste testers. The girls leave home for “work” every morning, spend all day in a single room together, before heading home again at night (if they’re lucky). This dark comedy, set in the “eating room” follows four girls as they discuss politics, boys, movie stars and what it might feel like to be poisoned.


Hitler’s Tasters is the seventh play for American playwright Michelle Kholos Brooks, winning the Susan Glaspell Award and being named Best of Fringe 2019. Kholos Brooks continues to tour with Hitler’s Tasters across the United States.


How It Works

Step 1 - Below you will find a description of the characters. Using the "Download Audition Sides" button, you will find the pieces you will need to bring with you to the audition.


Step 2 - Use the audition registration form at the bottom of the page to register for an audition. Please give us an idea of the characters for whom you would like to read (this is not set in stone, but gives us a general idea). You may also be asked to read for other characters on the day. 

Once you have completed your audition registration below, you will receive a confirmation email with any further instructions or information you will require, including the company's updated CoVid-19 Audition Policy. 


When And Where

October 26 - 19:30pm

Gladbachstrasse 119
8044 Zurich




High teens to early 20s. Hilda is a rule follower. She is a fearful person who will use whatever she's got to get back to feeling safe and will always toe the party line. She comes from a military family and enjoys the privilege of that status. 


High teens to early 20s. Liesel is a mediator. She is not a particularly independent person but she is practical and mostly kind. She likely comes from a family of intellectuals who know right from wrong but who prefer to keep their heads down rather than agitate. She could be a little nerdy to contrast her burgeoning sexuality. 


High teens to early 20s. She is a little more brave than the other girls when it comes to acting out and expressing herself. She embodies the kind of innocence and ebullience that comes from supportive parents and privilege. 


High teens. She is more ethereal, idealistic and innocent than the other girls. Anna represents truth and doubt, which terrifies those who can't live with truth and doubt.

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