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All White Rabbit auditions are open-call and everyone who is interested is encouraged to audition. On this page you will find all the information you will need for the auditions as well as a description of the audition process. Along the way, should you have any questions, please feel free to get in contact at any time.

About The Auditions

About The Play

Neil LaBute's thought-provoking play The Shape of Things builds a world where love, art and personal transformation intertwine. This is a captivating tale of relationships, power dynamics and the boundaries of identity. As the play progresses, the romance between university students Adam and Evelyn takes an unexpected turn, challenging notions of love, beauty, and the lengths we go to for acceptance. 

With compelling characters and surprising twists, this gripping show explores the blurred lines between manipulation and personal expression, leaving the audiences questioning the true shape of things. 


How It Works

The auditions will be held in two stages. First will be a short self-tape which must be submitted by June 14 along with a brief resume and photo. From those tapes, actors will be selected to attend a call-back audition on the morning of Saturday, June 17 (approx. 2 hours). 

Step 1 - Below you will find a description of the characters. Using the "Download Audition Sides" button, you will find more detailed information about each character as well as the required reading for the self-tape. 


Step 2 - Use the audition registration form at the bottom of the page to register for an audition. This will help give us an idea of whose videos we should be looking out for (so they don't get lost in emails). 

Step 3 - Video record and submit your audition to Videos should be unedited (single take) and be in an easily viewable format. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at any time. 


When And Where

Audition Dates: 

Video must be submitted by June 14

In-person audition (invitation only) June 17. Location TBD.


Production Dates:

October 18-21, 2023




Adam is a conflicted character who undergoes a radical transformation in his quest for self-discovery and personal agency. He succumbs to temptation and the pressure to conform to societal expectations, losing his values and boundaries along the way. 


Evelyn is the antagonist, the driving force of the plot. She initiates and controls Adam's transformation. Evelyn comes from a wealthy background, aloof from the rigours of funding herself through college. Her wealth allows her to pursue theory without care for cost of any kind. 


Jenny is a secondary character who acts as a foil for Evelyn, the opposite of Jenny in many ways. Jenny represents the innocence and the vulnerability that Evelyn exploits. She needs to evoke the audience's empathy, compassion, curiosity and criticism. 


Philip is often rude and dismissive, particularly of Evelyn and her artistic views, and he tries to influence Adam to stay away from her. Philip often challenges and contrasts Evelyn's motives and actions. 

The characters in this play have one or more intimate scenes. The exact nature of the choreography will be set in collaboration with the actors, the Director and an Intimacy Director, but actors should consider their comfort with lip-to-lip contact.

Audition Registration

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