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Updated: May 18, 2020


I hope everyone is having a good week and staying safe and sane whilst still largely indoors. It's been quite rainy here this week, but at least the weather's warm(ish).

Following on from our exciting reveal on Sunday, of our brand new website, logo, and workshops (all of which we're still super pumped about!) today we wanted to give you a more in-depth look at the workshops that are coming up.

They're only a few weeks away and will all be delivered online via Zoom (hopefully we'll have in-person sessions soon!). The workshops happen weekly and all (except Level 2 acting) run an hour in length. We already have our first few participants signed up (wooo!) so if you're interested, make sure to register soon, because space is limited.

So, without further ado, here they are:

Acting - Character Development Level 1

After the success of our taster version of this workshop, we have decided to run it once again. It's an introduction into individual personality traits, character relationships and behaviour in given scenarios. This course is directed towards those developing a character which has been written by a playwright as well as those who are looking to create their own characters.

Acting - Character Development Level 2

Building on the work done in the Character Development Level 1 course, this course looks more in-depth at how character traits work together to create deep, well-rounded characters. Unlike Level 1, this course does not have the option of taking single sessions. In order to provide development and growth for participants, the course is only offered as a package of 6 sessions and is open to participants who have completed at least three (3) of the Level 1 workshop sessions.

Acting - Monologue Training

Whether you have a particular monologue in mind that you'd like to explore, or you're looking for new material, this practical-based series focuses on interpreting and delivering a variety of stage (and screen) monologues which are provided by both the instructor and other participants.

Writing - Writing for Character

Open to writers of all types, this course focuses on character-driven storytelling and does not focus on writing genre or style. Therefore, whether you prefer to write narrative, dialogue, script or novel, this workshop series is open to fiction writers of all kinds. The focus on this course is character-driven storytelling, looking at how building solid characters can allow you to let the characters create the plot themselves. As Stephen King says, "Put interesting characters in difficult situations, and write to find out what happens."

Musical Theatre - Broadway History

This week marked the end of another successful taster series and we are happy to say that we will also be offering this one again. It is a discussion of the evolution of Musical Theatre through the lens of hit Broadway shows. Be exposed to the classics, cutting edge new musicals and what unites them.

Musical Theatre - Understanding Casting

A course devoted to understanding Musical Theatre and how an actor can go about fitting themselves into it. These workshops are a mix of practical and theory-based exercises and may require some preparation by participants.

Musical Theatre - Studying the Masters (Acting for Musical Theatre)

An in-depth look at how to approach performing songs in Musical Theatre and where (and how) the most successful performers succeed. These workshops are a mix of practical and theory-based exercises and may require some preparation by participants.

Individual - One-on-One Coaching

Personalized one-on-one sessions are available in all of the above workshop areas, as well as in general public speaking. If there is an area of acting, performance, singing, public speaking or character writing in which you are interested in, please feel free to get in touch and we can curate a personalized session or series for you (or for your group).

All workshops are online and you can find out more about the individual sessions being offered here.

Can't see the workshop you're looking for? Get in touch! We will be putting together some more workshops over the summer months and would love to hear what you're interested in!


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