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  • Courtney

The New Look is Here!

Like everyone else, we've been stuck at home, with very little to do. And like most small companies, we've been trying to find ways to optimize this time for development. That's why we're so proud to show you some new bits and pieces that have been in development for the past 9 weeks.

First, there's our new logo. We're really excited about this fresh new take on our classic look. We were able to keep our original "rabbit ears" look, that has brought us so much over the last two years, and bring them forward into a new future.

Second, is our brand new website. Still at the old address, our website has been tidied up and given a fresh, clean, new look. We are very, very proud of how it's looking now.

Along with the new website design comes a new poster look as well. We've kept the graphics so graciously provided by Polar Studios and put them into a sleek new poster design. This is part of the company's efforts to create a cohesive brand identity, with a recognizable "visual language" (I'm learning all the lingo!).

Fourth and finally, we have some new workshops that we are releasing. You may remember, several months ago, we did a soft launch of our new website for Character Coaching workshops. We have decided to combine the two websites together, so everything can be found in one place. White Rabbit Coaching is currently offering seven workshops in the areas of Acting, Writing and Musical Theatre. We'll be posting more about the specific workshops in the coming days, but feel free to have a look around now!

As we come out with these new designs and surprises, I just want to say we are so grateful for all your support over the last few years. It truly has been amazing. Thank you so much and I hope we can all get together soon, face to face.


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