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Neil LaBute
The Shape of Things

Step into a world where love, art and personal transformation intertwine. Experience a captivating tale of relationships, power dynamics, and the boundaries of identity. Join Adam and Evelyn as their romance takes an unexpected turn, challenging notions of love, beauty, and the lengths we go to for acceptance.


With compelling characters and surprising twists, this gripping production explores the blurred lines between manipulation and personal expression, leaving audiences questioning the true shape of things. Don't miss your chance to be enthralled by this captivating theatrical journey that will have you contemplating the nature of relationships and the price of conformity. 


Date And Time

October 18-20 / 19:30
October 21 / 17:00


Theater am Gleis
Untere Vogelsangsstrasse 3
8400 Winterthur


The Team

Behind The Scenes

Courtney Beamish -  Producer / Stage Manager

Meg Adams - Director / Intimacy Director

Doelma Goldhorn - Assistant Director / Assistant Stage Manager

Joëlle Stocker  - Intimacy Assistant / Cultural Consultant / PR Manager / Set Dresser

Arabella Sparkes - PR and Social Media Assistant / Costume Assistant

Rebecca Rendic - PR and Social Media Assistant / Acting Intern


Evelyn - Jenna McKellips

Adam - Denzil Derraj

Philippa - Alannah Burns

Jenny - Amy Amstutz

Understudy - Tomi Gustaf

Audition Call

We are not currently casting but always welcome hearing from actors interested in the future.

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When tickets become available, they will be sold through our partner, Ticketino. 

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