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  • Courtney

An End and a Beginning

Well, that's it. After carrying this project around with me for the past 14 months, and after seven weeks of rehearsals and four shows, it's done. The show closed six days ago and what a run it was. We only had the theatre booked for seven days, so with four shows, that means we had to pack an entire Tech Week into three days, which was long and tiring and stressful, but everyone was so helpful and understanding and we all survived. 

I do have a few final words and thank yous to give. First, thank you so much to everyone who helped support this production. It was a massive experiment and it seems to have worked - we even made a small profit (!) which is more than I could have ever expected. Whether you were on the team, in the audience or helping to spread the word, thank you so much. Thank you also to everyone who donated their hard-earned money, over the last 12 months, to help get this project off the ground, it would have gone nowhere without you. 

The Theater am Gleis was a wonderful venue, extremely helpful and friendly, and I hope White Rabbit will be back there soon, bringing more English theatre to Zurich and Winterthur. On that note, if you think this is the last you're going to hear of us, think again. We will very shortly be announcing Project #2, so watch this space!!

In the meantime, here are some photos from production week and the wrap party, and if you want to get the latest news about White Rabbit's new projects, please subscribe on the homepage, or send me a quick email at I won't send you anything except White Rabbit updates, I promise!

And don't forget our fabulous bar staff, Tomi and Christina:

Here are some pictures from our final week:

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