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  • Courtney

Fringe Programme Now Available!!

Look what arrived in the mail!

You can order a programme for free (you just have to pay shipping) or you can download your free copy here. 

As the Fringe website says, "If, by August, you haven't dog-earned the corners and marked up the pages with shows you want to see, you're not doing it right."

In other news, things are moving along for us. Technical issues are being sorted out, costumes are being worked on and characters are (hopefully) being developed. We have a few more weeks of (relative) peace, before rehearsals begin in earnest in July. And then I will have lots of posts for you, so watch out!

As always, if you're able to come up to Edinburgh, you can get tickets here, and we'd love to hear from you. So, if you're going to be around, let us know ( and we can meet up! 

And if you're able to donate it would be much appreciated. Every little bit helps!


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