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  • Courtney

The Home Stretch

It's finally here. The finish line is in sight. This is the last week we will be performing Discord before we put this 14-month project to bed. Today is tech day and it's our busiest of the week. The ball starts rolling around noon with things picking up through the day. 

We have set pieces to be organized, collected and transported to the theatre. We have tech equipment to be transported, set up and programmed. There are costumes and props to be gathered and transported. And this afternoon our Charles Dickens will be flying in from Germany for the week, followed by our director coming home from Spain (I think) in the evening. 

And after all that, if we have time this evening, we will have a rehearsal for the show. Tomorrow will be slightly less busy, and we will definitely have some rehearsal time, and then we open on Wednesday and play every night until we close the doors for the final time on Saturday. 

If you haven't gotten your tickets yet, there are still some left ( We are also holding a talkback on Fri. Oct. 11 after the show (approx. 9:15-9:45), where the audience will have a chance to meet the actors and ask questions / hear about this long process and especially our experiences at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. And the bar will stay open too! So grab a drink and come on back in!

And if you can't make the show on Friday but still want to take part in the talkback afterward, no problem! If you have a valid ticket for another day, bring the ticket along and you're welcome to sit in after the Friday show. 

Looking forward to seeing you there for one last time!


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